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TET Suardiaz, is a company owned by Suardiaz group, founded in 1944. The group is composed of different companies, with headquarters in Madrid. It covers all areas of the transport business and thanks to its legal structure can give support at all levels, being at the forefront in the latest developments in the industry, offering a comprehensive transport service and maintaining a high customer satisfaction.


Trans European Transport Suardiaz is pioneering in the intermodal transport market, offering the most wide range of services and a comprehensive control of all details related to this sector, from own transport of goods by all possible means, to warehousing and distribution, always taking care of important aspects such as information, customer service, management fees, etc...

Now a days, all technological advances and improvements in infrastructure are helping to change the concept of distance. Techonology progress plus continuous telematics communication with customers and suppliers allow us to identify the information each customer needs in a matter of minutes. In this way, any good is always perfectly located.

The continuous specialization of every market and many profound social changes, force us to be more competitive, enabling us to continue improving our offer and services in areas such as advisory and logistics, storage and distribution and intermodal services and/or special...all aspects our clients require to cover their needs in the field of transport.



​Transport Volumes

Transports number during the past 12 years: 

2005:     282.000 journeys
2006:     360.000 journeys
2007      306.000 journeys
2008:     265.000 journeys
2009:     270.000 journeys
2010:     300.000 journeys
2011:     305.000 journeys

2012:     310.000 journeys

2013:     315.000 journeys

2014:     328.000 journeys

2015:     314.000 journeys

​2016:     310.000 journeys


Diga don hay que ir, 

nosotros hacemos el resto.


Diga don hay que ir, 

nosotros hacemos el resto.


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